Friday, October 17, 2008

Edgamacatin' Part 2

Today Sioeli tells me that (in reference to our discussion about dropping gas prices and the possibility of energy independence) soon we will be making cars that run on water.
"Water? But we need water," I reply.

"What?! Water comes out of the tap. We have tons of water."

"The amount of drinkable water in the world is very little."

"No way. There's so much ice and stuff."

"Yeah, it's ICE. We can't drink ice," I say.

"So go melt it!"

"Sione, that would cause a million problems that I am just not going to get into right now. Did you know there are many many places in the world where people have hardly any water, and no running water? Why do you think there's so much of it?"

"Oh yeah, that means they can't take showers and stuff," he says.

"That's sick," replies Kona. "You gotta take showers."

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