Saturday, April 26, 2008

10 Things I Love About You, Saturday April 26th

Tagged by Da. I realized at 9:24 pm that I have to do the primary lesson tomorrow (which is why, obviously, I'm procrastinating). But today was still quite good, and here's my list.
1. We ate pancakes from a can this morning. I bought them yesterday from Costco. Bottled in a whipping cream looking can is pancake batter. I have to say, this is ingenious. I love love love from scratch pancakes, but some mornings I love sleep more. So this is a good on-the-side solution.
2. Upper pool Kahana hike. Gorgeous day, some vog in the air on the way back.
3. Rik and Eva are here, from Seattle, and they are also gorgeous. We knew Rik back from BYUH days, and we love his wife too, which doesn't always happen, especially with elitists like us. Eva is 5 months pregnant and Pam is notifying everyone that the thing around her waist is not a gut. It's hard to tell because Eva is so perfectly proportioned.
4. On the way back from Kahana, Eva gave up her seat in their rental car, a convertible. I love driving through strong wind. It makes one feel like singing (notice I did not say "me." I would never sing in the back of a rental convertible, unless I was by myself, in which case I would be sitting in the front.).
5. Scott and I made chocolate peanut butter vegan cupcakes, with chocolate peanut butter frosting. Yum. I of course ruined our perfectly vegan dessert by loading up on steak and chicken from Ted's takeout.
6. Amaya sat and watched 15 minutes (a record!) of a Numbers (season 2) episode with me before getting bored enough to get out the back door.
7. Like I just said, I got to watch 15 minutes of Numbers today. I love Rob Morrow, back from Northern Exposure days. He is still awesome, and doesn't look like he's aged a second.
8. Jake read me Jill's comment to my "Sisterly Envy" post, which was really sweet. She said that she sometimes wished she looked and was more like me. That's totally crazy of course, but sweet. I think it's really the other way around. She is the kind of positive that I wish I could be.
9. When we were getting out of the car to start hiking at Kahana Valley, someone said, "We're going hiking, Amaya!" She replied, in a bored sounding voice, "Oh boy." She is cracking me up lately.
10. I am able to post this blog right now without Jake getting mad at me for being on the computer when I should be hanging out with him. He's at his studio with Rik and Eva.

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Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I can't believe Amaya's comment. I love little girls with attitudes. So did you tag anyone?