Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bring It

So I bought this. It's a used copy--no, I would never pay full price for such a thing, but I will say that it was Erin Summerill who got me interested in it in the first place, because I normally would never even consider such a weirdo thing. If I had actually seen the ad on TV I would have never looked at it twice. Now that I have seen the ad, I realize that I have now forever associated myself with the exercise-obsessed, could be personal trainers group. The type of people that consider a protein shake to be a good substitute for a meal. And it's kicking my butt. Well, maybe more like hurting my butt. Badly. I have some sort of weird belief that any exercise that is not really difficult is not exercise at all. I don't believe in long walks for exercise or going to the beach to get in the water. I believe in those things for relaxation or fun, but I feel cheated if I don't leave an exercise feeling really sweaty and worked. Since I have so little time to get exercise, I always want to maximize. My knee has been messed up so running has been put on the back burner, and I can really only exercise late at night, or at 6 in the morning, so most other things are out of the question. I'm not following the program exactly (definitely not doing the diet), but my plan is to do at least one video a day, if I don't get to play frisbee or something else.
I did synergistics core on Thursday (consisting of approximately 1000 lunges within an hour period), and then Kenpo x (a hilarious travesty, really, because I couldn't remember 4 different style punches in a row, coupled with the fact that I can't punch at all) on Saturday, and then Plyometrics (which was hard, but possible) yesterday morning. Last night before bed the backs of my legs felt bruised, as if I'd been riding a horse for 2 days. Today I had a hard time bending down, and I've never even known that I had hip flexors before today. Now they are making their presence known, and they are revolting.


i'm erin. said...

Mariko you rock! It is about stinkin time you told me about your blog, I have often wondered what it was and how I could view it and leave daily comments, and now that I see it, my future is looking brighter!

I love p90x. It is a terribly horrible workout, but you see results and within a few weeks. I wasn't into the diet very much, but I did the workouts every day, except for the yoga one which I thought was LAME-O! Ok, I also am very aware that you are analyzing my very long run-on sentence.

P.S. Can you pinch Ackemann on the bumm for me and then walk the other direction like it wasn't you, but maybe some other pervert student?!? hahahahaha

gabby said...

you should try turbojams...my sisters do them...they're a little obsessed.