Monday, April 28, 2008


I didn't hear the beginning of the conversation, but I came in at this:

Maiola: "Ghia, it's a dog!"

Ghia: "Yeah, but what ethnicity is it???"


Smiths said...

That's "absolute hilarity." Just had to tell you that Micah and I saw an episode of "Diary of a Foodie." Really interesting. I feel smarter for having watched it, but so so sooooo much further from being considered able to cook.

Mariko said...

Yes, but aren't you sooo much closer to wanting to eat? :) That's its main benefit for me at this point. I can think of some ways I could contribute to counter your cooking phobia. Have you checked out the "Everyday Food" magazine by Martha Stewart? It emphasizes EASY cooking. Simple recipes and ways to use the leftovers all week long.