Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going Public

Yeah, I did it. I erased the post. The scandal. Sorry, I'm wimpy, and can't stand up for myself, apparently.
Myrna Marler, in past times, has repeated the quote "Writers are very private people who walk around naked in public" to me, and I guess I only sort of believed it. I just wasn't quite expecting a googling, a searching, and a finding, of a naked person. Certainly not of me. Possibly more likely of someone with a name like "Kitty".
My students often complain about how nasty I am because I let my sarcasm grind their naive and insolent behavior to bits, while I still maintain some level of decency because of my fierce standards in literature, work, and humanity. Plus I let them play Taboo the last five minutes of class sometimes.
So I admit that I was a little ashamed that this post had actually been read by the offendee. Not because it wasn't just, but because it sort of revealed how incredibly spiteful I am. I don't take defense lightly, mind you. I get very antsy about being defensive. It sort of ruins the whole image that I'd like to maintain. I'd rather be the sort of person who walks away from such an awful conversation and just says, to myself, "That person has a problem and that's too bad", rather than the person who says, to others, "Now what is HER problem?"
Then again, I have a great suspicion of people who can just forget things and move on with their lives. Just who do they think they are, making the rest of us look bad?

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Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! you don't have to feel defensive and apologize. I probably would of stoped blogging all together if I had been in your situation. I'm glad your public.