Friday, June 11, 2010


IMG_8234 I am so loving this summer. Normally I’m itching to get out of here for a while because Jake’s busy and Amaya and I have long days of staring at each other and heat and uselessness, but since I’m 8 weeks from the due date I have to stick around. And we’ve been making the most of it. Jake’s on vay-cay right now, too, and that makes it so much better.

I usually say, Jake doesn’t like to be on vacation, but really, what I’m realizing is, Jake doesn’t like to be out of Hawaii. He is the perfect person to be on vacation with, in Hawaii.

I know, it’s a bit silly, I mean, I’m on staycation in Hawaii. We live in the perfect balance of rural paradise and modern convenience.

IMG_8230 Plus the best collection of Japanese food outside of Japan. In the last week I’ve had perfect Yakiniku, fresh cream pan (and a lot of other delectables) from the Japanese bakery, and crisp tempura teishoku. Then there’s the Hawaii summer fruit. We’re just starting out and I’ve had lychee, strawberries, and pineapple by the bowlful. The mango is close behind. And then it will be mountain apple.

You do remember that I have to eat tons when I’m on vacation, right?

IMG_8233 Jake’s been letting me sleep in, carries Amaya to the beach, watches “Friday Night Lights” with me, lets me nap whenever, and makes lots of suggestions for dates. It’s lovely.

It’s so perfect that I almost very nearly totally forgot that I have lots of things to do for school. Oh, yeah, and I’m going to have a baby. I should probably do something about that, too.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

you should do exactly what you're doing which is eating, sleeping, cuddling Amaya and Jake. sounds perfect. It's really a shame that you and jake have to work. I feel the same way about Christian and I. I like so much better when can just, you know, hang out constantly.

And don't think that you're life will dramatically change once the baby is born. I mean, it will but it will be an explosive kind of change in a very good way in a multiplying love kinda of way. you'll see. Did you decide on a name? i think you should go for Kenzo.

Robbie said...

yes, it all souns sooo lovely. i am a little jealous of all the time you both have off together with amaya, but scott and i can do fun things, too. we just need to do them! we already are talking about going camping, but just at the beach, not a hike. You are really tough for doing that hike/camp--not a wimp at all! Glad you got to take a nap the next day. We'll be taking our air mattress even though we'll be on the perfectly smooth ground of the beach park we choose! i mean, it's hard enough to sleep at home with this belly and the whole sore hips and bones thing? Not gonna chance it with the bare ground!