Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When I’m bigger

IMG_8306 “When I’m bigger I can go to the drugstore,” said Amaya.

“And buy what?” I asked.

“A rug.”

Since I opened my big mouth and remarked on the fact that Amaya slept for 10 hours 3 days in a row, she woke up nice and early today. She is really loving this no routine thing except for the 1 alphabet lesson we have a day.

She’s not allowed to watch a show until she does her letters, and she actually elected to hold off on that almost the whole day. Although I prefer that she doesn’t watch any shows, I felt slightly dismayed that she would rather not get to watch a show the whole day long than do a 5 minute lesson.

Amaya is extremely good at remembering what I read to her. She memorizes verbatim phrases and sentences from her library books. After 2 readings she was reading Little Critter’s “When I’m bigger” back to me. Speaker tags and all. She even gets what those speaker tags are for. So it does seem strange that she is easily frustrated by letters. Some mornings I’ll wake up to Jake saying, “No, D IS FOR DRUMS, not B!” She sings the They Might Be Giants song over and over to herself all day long and then it’s like she really is John and she has NO idea what letter is for drums. And she will guess numbers before she hits D. I think she thinks letters are pretty tricky.

Everyone says, “Don’t worry, she’ll learn it eventually.” Yeah. I know. The problem is, someone has to teach her, and that’s the stressful part.

She’s been loving when I take pictures of her. She’s trying out all her poses.


Here’s her trying to do Shaka. Yes. I know. I didn’t teach her that, I promise. 

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