Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot to Trot

IMG_8374 I am the sticky strands of hair on the forehead of summer.

There is nothing I like better than warm weather, but I am melting like mochi in the hot pot of the pacific.

I constantly feel like I am at that exact point before sweat. Too hot and no breeze to bring me relief. The famous Hawaii trades seem to have shriveled up and died. The acid in my stomach sits right in my throat as if to taunt me further with any possible burning sensation. My feet radiate about 5 degrees hotter than the rest of my body.

All day long I eat popsicles, gorge on fruit, make trips for ice cream, and chug milk (this may be why I’ve gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks). I take multiple cold showers. I keep the fan pointed on me every second. I loathe washing the dishes or even moving around in general. We wade at the beach. Kahana Valley’s ice cold pools barely make a dent in my temperature. We eat dinner outside.

At night I eat Tums every few hours and chug more milk at 2 in the morning. I am never cold and leave sweat puddles on the bed. Jake isn’t even warmer than me.

I’ve considered nudity. Ice shoes. Driving to town just so I can sit in the air conditioned car. There is no end to my nutty ideas.

This baby is cooking me for 5 more weeks. And then we’ll be on to post partum hormonal hot flashes. IMG_8373


Sandi said...

Being on fire when you're preggers is the worst! Maybe we should all pray for those trade winds to make an appearance just for you. You look gorgeous though....well, what I can see of you does :)

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I love your very pregnant belly, round and perfect, not misshaped like mine.

Next time I get pregnant I am planning on having the third trimester during winter. A December baby would be nice.

I was roasting last year. It didn't help that I was overdue on the week that was a billion degrees warmer than usual.

good lukc. I hope your baby comes before 5 weeks.

Sylvia Louise said...

I walk to and from work and I'm always sweaty by the time I get home. My biggest fear is that I'll see someone I know while I'm walking and they'll want to hug me.

Even if you're sweating, at least you look gorgeous.

I am excited to meet this baby of yours. And to see the other bigger-than-a-baby-of-yours too.

sienna said...

very cute belly. i know i was pregnant through the entire summer last year, and i know it was hot, but i can't really remember it. the heat must have done something funny to my brain. i do remember we closed on our house in the middle of july and when we were doing the final walk through the house was super hot and i was like "tony, why did we buy this super duper hot house?"

Mariko said...

Sandi: I think my belly is much bigger than the picture looks. My mirror kind of stretches me tall, if that's possible. I know. Where ARE those trades, anyway?
Syl: We are very excited to see you too and we hope that August will be less sweaty (even though it is normally more sweaty. Aieeee!).
Da: I will take a misshapen belly if it could shrink down to your size afterwards. Really.
Sienna: The first week we moved in here I was like, WAIT a SECOND. It is hot in here. And I forgot for a while because it cooled down for the winter. And now I'm remembering. What is with Hawaii being so hot during my vacation?

Melinda said...

mariko. i love your pictures. it just makes me happy. and a little miserable for you. but mostly happy.
i know hot and big. its beastly. i trust you'll survive.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

awwww shucks. That's the pits. It's pretty sad when you look forward to the post partum hot flashes, huh? But that's what pregnancy does to you.

Good luck!!!