Friday, January 8, 2010

That's What I Said

My cute student informed me that people in my class were surprised to hear about my pregnancy. They thought I was too serious to be pregnant.

I replied, "Yeah, because serious people don't have sex."

On Tuesday I was reading aloud student snapshots (descriptive paragraphs) about their Christmas vacations. After reading about a cheese party (gingerbread, chocolate, and blue cheese), I had to go stand in the bathroom and chew my gum very vigorously and concentrate. On not vomiting.

I have become a gum-chewing, non-cooking, stupid TV episode-watching worthless human being. Besides that I have started eating school lunch (with its own problems), because I cannot bear to put together two pieces of bread with meat and cheese for my own lunch. I can barely heat up water for cup o' noodles.

It's hard to imagine that I will ever recover normal life again.

When I informed Jake for the umpteenth million time that I did not feel good he said, "Oh?" with those raised eyebrows like, "is this really a discussion we're going to have again?"

I know. It's SO getting old.
I want to take a poll. Is it better to vomit and feel better for 5 minutes, or do I keep holding it back because once I do I'll never be able to hold it in again?
This is pretty much the most forefront question on my mind these days.
I also keep wondering if I am just weak stomached, or exceptionally strong willed?


Unknown said...

I say try to vomit. Maybe you'll get it all out and feel better.

and I'd say...strong willed.


Liz said...

how did i miss the last post??? CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy! i'm so sorry you're sick, mariko! you'll get through it and remember, tv is not so bad when you can netflix old office episodes. not that i've EVER done that before. *cough*
feel better!!

david a bouchers said...

(michele here) so sorry about your sickness. I can totally relate. I did everything NOT to vomit during my 24/7--9 months of nausea. I was so excited to go into labor because then the sickness would finally stop. My last (5th) pregnancy was the most bearable because I made myself stay hydrated. I drank at least 8 glass of water a day, even if I couldn't hold it down. It seemed to help. It was always the worst from the 8th thru the 13th week of the pregnancy...then it would come and go (never completely) in waves. hang in there. just keep reminding yourself of that beautiful baby joining your family. it is so worth it!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

in my world there is nothing worse than vomiting. (between Nausea and vomit of course)

I vomited a couple times and the nausea would only be worse because the taste of vomit in my mouth made me feel even more sick.

I say go to the doc and get some medication. seriously.

Bekah said...

Not that I have a lot of experience here, but I know some people swear by those accupressure bracelets. Basically a sweatband around your wrist that puts pressure on the inside of your wrist and is supposed to help with nausea. If nothing else, a $10 placebo is probably money well spent. (This is Jesse, but Bekah approves these remarks.)

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I tried that bracelet and it did nothing for me.

nothing worked except by week 23 when I finally figured out these lemon salt things and sucking on lemon. But again it was week 23ish...

students think their teachers are assexual. It's a fact. My students were totally freaked out when I was pregnant.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

oh and one more thing,
it's against the rules to feel useless when you are growing another person inside of you.

don't be so hard on yourself. Enjoy watching whatever it is and feeling lazy and all such things

Anonymous said...

wait, are you saying you have a choice on whether the vomit comes or not? that's awesome! you could be, like teaching a class and in the middle of talking need to turn around and puke in the garbage can. i feel your pain on this...i was so sick the first trimester and beyond. with ruby i was commuting on the subway to work in nyc and several times i puked right on the packed subway car. i learned to carry plastic bags and wet wipes everywhere. with atticus, i was driving a lot for work and i had to just pull over quickly and puke out the door- no choices involved. it was a nightmare. so sorry about my stories. but i want to say congratulations! another darling, brilliant child on their way....

Unknown said...

puke it up during class. that'll teach your students not to have sex.

Rebekah said...

I vote for vomit. Five minutes of feeling better is better than 5 months of dry heaving.

And Chris adds, "There's a reason it says in the scriptures that Mary's days were ACCOMPLISHED."

Getting through each day of pregnancy IS an accomplishment.

Mariko said...

Ha! Patria, you are definitely making me realize I am only weak-stomached. :)
I tried the sea-bands last time, and I didn't really notice any difference. I liked the idea though.
I'm afraid to take anti-nausea drugs.
Lemon-salt? I did put lemon in my water. I do like that. I've been eating a lot of citrus which is good, but it runs through so quick I have to think about eating soon after I eat an orange and that is the last thing I want to do, is eat again. Blah.
Eating is absolutely disgusting. And I only want to eat disgusting things. What a way to come off the no-sugar diet.
I do need to drink more water because I hate drinking water right now. I used to be addicted to water.
Cody, kids never associate babies with sex. Good and bad, I guess. Probably because they don't want to think about their parents doing it.

Robbie said...

I always feel better after vomiting, but I've never had to when pregnant. Probably, everyone's different, anyway. I really hope your sickness doesn't last 5 or 7 or 9 months! But if it does, I'll come over every day and bring you different foods that you might like and spoil you while you just relax and take it easy! Seriously, let me know if I can ever help!

IZ said...

Having once been a highschool student, I think you should know you have scarred more than a few of yours. How you ask? Well, by reminding them that yes, babies are created through sex, against their best attempts to convince themselves otherwise. And that, more specifically, the fact that there teacher is pregnant is a clear bit of evidence that said teacher HAS, infact, had sex! This is really akin to imagining the intimate goings on of ones parents, at least in the mind of an adolescent. Teacher=parent (figure). How are you going to make it all right, huh? You owe them. BIG!

Smiths said...

I'm imagining you like Homer's Helper monkey that ate himself into a coma. All he could say was "Pray for Mojo."
So sorry. One thought- your prenatal vitamins could be making it worse. Try different brands, or even taking it at night so your worst nausea is while you sleep.