Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I think I have to blame my poor attitude lately on my general malaise. I am constantly finding myself storming into Pam's room (at home or school) to complain loudly about the newest thing that is driving me crazy. I am quite aware that everything is driving me crazy and anything is likely to set me off.
Now, I have considered all the many people that might be reading this blog and I think that some of them will think they are being implicated by my pointed bullet points, but I assure you. There are plenty of people that I enjoy talking to, helping out, and being with, and these people have nothing to do with the irritating people that I do not enjoy talking to, helping out, and being with. It's an important distinction.
These are the latest irritations that I have encountered that seem to fire me up the more I think about them:
1) People who think I have nothing better to do than to do their work for them. These people suggest helplessness in such a way as to imply that I should suggest just picking up the slack for them. These people are especially ones who seem to me to be completely not busy, ever. In fact, I wonder what they do other than plan ways to rope more capable and responsible people into working for them.
2) People who wish to chat. For long periods of time (friends, please note the disclaimer above). A friend e-mailed me today while a student of hers was waxing prolix about the origins of her name, state facts, and family history--a conversation that was practically holding her hostage during her free time. These are the kinds of people I'm talking about. People who have zero assurance from me that we are even friends, yet keep behaving as if we have made that connection.
3) People who think they know better than me. WHO do these people think they ARE?

I'm hoping that once this trimester is over that my normally cheery happy self will return (HA!), or at least that I will be able to keep my mouth shut a little better.
So all my ranting lately has got me thinking that I should at least let other people do so. What's bothering you?


The Crash Test Dummy said...


You have no idea how happy I was to see that title.


Oh, how I miss that word.

Oh, how I miss you and your irritating world. No one talks to you longer than necessary in Utah. Except my MIL.

Good luck getting through this trimester.

Shana Squier said...

Pregnancy does not look so appealing to me anymore. Feel better. Stupid comment....feel better....yeah, in about 8 months feel better. :)