Sunday, February 15, 2009

To Be Adored

Jake certainly has built up a reputation for himself on Valentine's Day. I consider V-day to be similar to our anniversary, since that's our first kiss--restaurant and a movie--bring me flowers anniversary.

Every year (if nature allows) Jake secretly picks me some nun orchids. Nun orchids are hard to find, except at this time of year and except from Kahana.
You'd think I'd catch on by now, when he was doing this.
This year he had Amaya, which is why I didn't expect it, and neither did she. I guess the whole time they were tromping around in the bushes she was pleading, "I wanna go home, Daddy. I wanna go home."
He also drew me a very flattering (if I may say so) picture, and even Amaya identified it correctly. So if I ever lose 10 more pounds my family will most certainly still recognize me.
I thought I should point out what I did for Jake this Valentine's Day, because he is not the only romantic one in the family.
1. I stayed in the bedroom and left Amaya and he alone in the early morning so they could spend some quality time together.

2. I blogged about my students and edited pictures so he could plan and get ready for a barbecue at Kahana.
3. I made some french toast for myself and allowed him to have a couple of pieces.

4. I surfed at Kahana so he could make hamburgers and keep Amaya warm as it was extremely windy.
5. I allowed him to take me to a movie I wanted to see, and then run and get the car to pick me up so we would not be late for our dinner reservation.

6. I bought myself a dress just for the occasion, and we all know a good look at me is romance at its finest.

7. I graciously let him eat half of his own dessert and a few bites of mine.

8. I let him drive, so he would feel like a man.
9. I gave him an ipod shuffle so he wouldn't have to use mine anymore.
Isn't Jake such a lucky guy?


Anonymous said...

Of course he is a lucky guy! :) It sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day.

Sandi said...

Jake is lucky indeed. I would never share my french toast. Those flowers look amazing- and hand picked?! so cool!

Kristina P. said...

Very, very lucky!

Heidi said...

How neat to have special flowers that you only see at Valentine's Day!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

You are so kind and giving. hee hee

I totally saw you on Friday at Foodland, but you were ignoring me. Didn't you see me jumping up and down at the door while you were peering over candy?

I had to rush to class. I was almost late and I thought I'd let you avoid me successfully.

What a sweet valentine you have. Now who's the one bragging about their perfect marriage?

Masayuki said...

Oh Mariko, I love you. Tell Jake he's the best guy I know. Heck, I couldn't put up with you for more than 5 mins without making some snide remark. You are one of my favorite writers. Now get out there and write a book gosh darn it. I want to read it. I heard your phone is broken. Call me tomorrow. DO IT. (With Jake's phone or something) I hope you guys are still coming to the wedding. It wouldn't be one without you. (Actually, it would be since Amanda and I are really the only important ones) Happy Valentine's Day! I know, what can I say. I'm a little early for next year.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

he's very lucky. he knows it too.
The flowers are beautiful.

where did you eat? was it delish? was it japanese? The last time I had Japanese food was in Hawaii with you before I "knew"I was pregnant. I suspected but it was so easy to deny it and just pig out on all the raw fish. I'm so craving sushi

Unknown said...

how fun!! Glad you had such a fun day!!

Robbie said...

I love you, too, Mariko! And love reading your writing. Keep up the good work!
and I know jake feels very blessed to have you. :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Yes lucky indeed.

annie valentine said...

All I can say is roses suck.

Liz said...

wait, this had me laughing out loud, mariko. like my husband, jake has the best wifey ever. graciousness is their wives'shared middle name. i let tevita eat half of his dessert toooo!!!