Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bad Moods are so Difficult to Keep Up

I was woken up by a very well meaning person who was preparing the room for her sweet, elderly mother who is coming to visit today. Why does she think she needs to get the room ready? I mean, just because everyone's been in a big hurry to get the room redone after the flooding disaster and having to deal with the ripped up floor and mounds of stuff? I got up and decided to exercise, so I promptly got out my Nintendo DS to beat a level I could not get past 2 days ago, despite 9,000 tries, and sat on the chair. After 5,000 more tries I unclenched my furious fingers and put it down for later. Jake had to go to help the young women hike so I had to stay home and watch Amaya, and I was annoyed about it even though he was doing service, and I was going to be able to actually have some time with Amaya.
Amaya was hungry, so kept opening the fridge, and I was mad at her about that so she went in time out about 20 times. I mean, 2 year olds should know by now that the only thing I have in the fridge that she even cares about eating is cheese.
While Amaya ate 2 pieces of string cheese I checked my blogs and let her make a mess of the house. Then I became annoyed that she was making a mess and even more annoyed that she refused to help me clean it up. Hence 10 more time outs.
Then I decided to exercise again, and Amaya insisted on also putting on exercise clothes, but got mad at me when I put in P90x in the DVD player instead of Toy Story 2, and I was doing the warm up when Jake walked in.
I started to tell him how I was having such a bad day, especially the part about how I was concerned about my now sore and metallic tasting (for the last 2 days) mouth and spent hours on the internet looking up my symptoms only to find out that I either have cancer or heart failure or possibly cold sores, all of which are depressing, and he started to close the door on my ranting because he had been holding his pee for an hour already. The NERVE.
I turned off P90x and said I was going to run to Cackle Fresh for vegetables and eggs. Right after I walked out the door I walked back in to get the car key, because I'm not walking back with a bunch of eggs in my hands.
But Cackle Fresh is CLOSED, for some "emergency", or so it says on the sign.
So I come back home and tell Jake I'm going to exercise, and I look around for my yoga mat. I can't find it, and Jake says it's on the porch. He even goes to get it for me.
I'm going to eat lunch, I say. I make myself a sandwich, despite my no carb resolution for today (the 2nd of the day), and cut open the very squishy avocado. But it's a farce! Only the skin is squishy. The avocado itself is as hard as a rock. I try to eat it anyway, and I bite into egg tasting rubber on my second bite.
Then one of my nursery workers calls to tell me that she can't do the lesson tomorrow, and I can't do the lesson because I'm also primary pianist as of last week, but I'm supposed to take care of it because her son is sick. Sheesh.
I sat down prepared to beat that level and I beat the level, but die on the next, so I have to restart at the previous level. I beat my chest like Donkey Kong. I looked up techniques on how to beat the level and could not figure out why the results wouldn't show up, even though I searched through every result it pulled up, and after 20 minutes realized I was writing "Donkey King vs. Mariko" instead of "Donkey Kong vs. Mario."
I find it insulting to be a 'k" away from a squat Italian painter with a bad moustache. Plus, he has the worst jumping skills.
I finally start reading essays, since I have 50 left in my stack, and I throw them down after the first one and say, "Why do these essays SUCK?!" I mean, describe and define are totally different types of essays!
Sometimes, I just hate myself for hating everything, but I still can't help it.
And people who are not in bad moods always say, "Go exercise" or "Must be PMS" or they try to be nice to me or tell me to snap out of it.
Those people should be shot.


i'm erin. said...

oh I hate days like that...and I totally hated it when Cackle Fresh would be randomly closed! I would normally tell you to go running, but then you would hate me, so I say go dig into some yummy ben and jerrys...ohhh, that does sound good right now.

Heidi said...

I agree! Shoot 'em, I say! As painfully as possible.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

bummer about your day. I think it's all because you had those papers to grade.

Kristina P. said...

Mariko, the first step is admitting you have a problem. I will see if I can find some VGA groups in your area. (Video Gamers Anonymous.)

Anonymous said...

LOL! This was a great read. And I totally relate, even though I haven't been addicted to a video game in years (I have comparable addictions.)

I'm always jealous when all my friends say Saturday is their favorite day. My Saturdays are more like yours.

The only prescription I can think of is a nice long nap . . . not that that will help the papers get graded. (And not that it's not too late anyway.)

Mariko said...

MIB-- totally agree. We should only have Fridays, and I should get every friday off.

Da-- And that's when I stopped grading. Yup.

Erin-- Haagen Dazs, Silly. Haagen Dazs.

Miss D-- Clobber, torture, and then shoot.

I am only an addict. I do nothing in moderation. Hence, the problem.

April said...

I hear the knees hurt when shot...and I would NEVER say "go exercise" or "must be PMS" that's just RUDE!

Unknown said...

all i can say is bummer! hope you feel better or that you already do!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee hee. I think it was a hilarious day over all. Especially the part about Donkey vs. Mariko. ha hahahahahah So dang funny.

And I HATE it when avacados psych me out too!

Robbie said...

I'm glad you were feeling better by the time we got to hang out with you at food fest! That sounds horrible, but very much like my bad days.
Oh, and my mouth started tasting metallic yesterday! and the roof of my mouth was sensitive. then I woke up and my throat was kind of sore. So I've just been drinking a lot of water. I'm fine, I think. You put ideas in my head!

cailin said...

Ewww. Exercise as therapy? Who thought that one up? I'm a fan of shut out the world and do either self-destructive things like eat a whole bag of chips or simply waste away the hours of my mood with something idle like rewatching the entire Firefly series (which really should have been longer). Oh and I freely admit to my own PMS. It's just too obvious to ignore.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I agree, shoot them, and shoot the avocado while you are at it.