Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tortured Artists Live

Jake and I watched "Control" last night, the story about Joy Division's singer Ian Curtis. Painful.
I asked Jake if watching this was going to affect him as a brooding artist. He looked over at me, seriously, and said, "Um. Maybe. I still want to watch it."
I think I could never be a great writer. I am not a tortured artist. Annoyed, selfish, obnoxious artist, yes, but not tortured.
Jake is a tortured artist, but at the good end of tortured artist. The passionate about art end, but just enough brooding to keep him motivated.
The other reason I think he's on the good end of tortured artist: We're watching near the end of the movie, and I remark how it's totally crazy sad that Ian Curtis can't even enjoy his own success. He was so much happier before he became successful. He says, "Yeah, I was just thinking how much fun we'd be having. It's the part where you're trying to become successful that sucks!"
p.s. Did you notice the shirt?


Kristina P. said...

OK, you definitely need to try the Chacon for your food blog. I see you love bacon, and those sandwiches look delicious!

And I love that you posted about Viola Swamp! I read those books all the time.

Your daughter is gorgeous. I will be back.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! You got a comment from Kristina P. You are so IN now! ;)

I'm glad to hear you and Jake are amicably watching movies together this weekend.

Today we went to Costco and when we came home I was putting the cereal away and moving things around and you'll NEVER guess what I found behind the cereal!!!!

That's right, CHEETOS!

But they were puffy and not crunchy so they're not even worth hiding.

okay, you'll never guess what your verifier says: laimperb. No JOKE!

Mariko said...

Sorry, I prefer crunchy. Am I banned from your comment box now?
Oh, not only are we amicably watching movies, we are watching The Office and 30 Rock, and laughing.
I only fell asleep for a little bit during Control.

Kristina P. I really want to make chacon brownies. Or cookies. Yes yes yes. I'd like to get some super fancy from the farm bacon though, the kind that is as thick as a chocolate bar.

Mariko said...

Woah. I totally meant, I prefer puffy. See how you are affecting me?
When I was little I watched an episode of Punky Brewster where they eat puffy cheetos to pump up their breast size.