Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Strong Women and Men

IMG_7890 Today when I got home I decided that I deserved a cookie.

Several cookies, maybe.

And then someone should make me dinner. Preferably that person would be Chef Mavro. And then more dessert.

Then a movie. Yes. I definitely deserved a movie. A funny one. In a large theater, no one sitting directly in front of or behind me, and no cell phones with bright screens across the theater to distract me.

All of those options were somewhat difficult to fulfill on a Tuesday night, so I compromised. I got an Acai bowl with granola (which is basically several cookies broken up into pieces), drove into Haleiwa for Storto’s sandwiches, and rented a movie from Redbox. Possibly a malassada will be included before the night is through.

Being pregnant with this baby has taught me I am a completely worthless human being and I am not built for any sort of hardship. The girl gets up at 6am and I decide she’s out to get me. I get 50 phone calls that I have to answer to and I put on my annoyed face. I catch a glimpse of my legs in the mirror and I think, “Yikes. I need to eat something to console myself.” One student says Shakespeare was and is in two senses of the word, “gay” and I have to talk myself out of throttling her. I get home after my 8-3 job and plop down on the couch in exhaustion.

I could never be a Pioneer. A commoner during Elizabethan times. A child in Afghanistan. A working class citizen in Greece. A fisherman on the bayou.

I probably couldn't even be you.

Or live anywhere other than Hawaii. Did I mention there was a draft yesterday afternoon? Hello. My name is Wuss.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

you're growing a person!

people used to tell me that all the time when I as pregnant and I was all like, "so?!"

I want to come visit you in July. Seriously, I think I'm coming. I'm like 98% sure, maybe 95%.

sienna said...

i feel ya. if i don't get like 10 hours of sleep, i'm totally annoyed at the world. and i have a baby who doesn't sleep. so always annoyed. everyone has a different definition of hard too.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wait, what? There was a draft yesterday?

Oh, you mean a breeeeeze? OH, you are a wuss. I was thinking a military type draft.

The wind is KILLING me here. I HATE THE wind. It's a draft X 10 to the 10th power of the 10th degree.

I will post a photo of what it does to me today.

And Shakespeare was NOT gay. I saw Shakespeare in Love.

IZ said...

OOOOOooooooooooooh! Chef Maaaaaaaaavrooooooo!

I didn't really read past that actually. I entered fantasy mode. Seriously, what did I miss?

IZ said...

BTW, my verifier was "lamist". I wonder if that was in reference to my comment.

cailin said...

You wanna talk draft. Keahi's soccer teammates were staggering around the field, fighting the gusts of wind in 50degree weather. I can't believe we even showed up. But nobody who does P90X can ever call herself a wuss. Insane, perhaps. But not wuss.

Glen said...

Thaanks great blog post