Wednesday, May 26, 2010


IMG_8033 Amaya’s never been particularly good at following directions. Her independence usually overrides her desire to please. Despite a rebellious streak in high school, I generally followed the rules. I certainly mostly did what was expected of me, with a healthy amount of personal choice and preference (despite what my parents might say).

I can accept that Amaya is going to be a very different person than me. Most of the time I admire her independence, because it does make for strong qualities as well. I recently read something that said “you as the parent know your own child better than what others know from their observations.”

Here’s something we all observed.

IMG_8060 Caption: Amaya rubbing her head after hitting herself in the face with poi balls during the preschool May Day performance.

The next part, which I didn’t take a picture of, was Amaya turning away from the audience and staring off into space while the rest of the performance finished without her.

IMG_8035 She does look pretty cute. I’m expecting that this disdain of “going along with the program” will continue into the teenage years. So I’m preparing myself.

But I’m not prepared.


Karen said...

thanks for the may day post. very very cute, indeed!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha oh,she is so darn cute. GREAT pics. I miss May Day!

Heidi said...

First of all, she is adorable. Second, they say that girls who are a bit of a handful when they are young make wonderful teenagers. Third, many qualities that make for challenging children make for excellent adults (but there's still those teenage years go get through--unless #2 is correct).

Mariko said...

Oh.... I hope #2 is correct. Teenagers are so hard, and most days I'm glad I'm their teacher and not their parents.
I'm hopeful that if she is a challenging teenager, that the excellent adult part will make the other part a fading memory.
Still not looking forward to the living through it part.

sienna said...

you got the cute part right.