Saturday, May 8, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Insane

School life lately is like a sitcom. I’ll be in a meeting, and I have that kind of out of body experience where I can see the whole conversation from the outside, in.

If I were to categorize the show, I would definitely say, parody.

The educational consultants would come in and explain to everyone that this week, when they come in to observe the teachers, they would like teachers to use the word “red” at least 15 times because it’s shown to improve student engagement.

Standing on one’s head certainly couldn’t hurt either. Maybe we should have a three-day meeting about it just to make sure everyone knows what to do because it is totally possible to meet this list of demands during a 30 second observation.

Then, a person would stand up and shoot someone else with a banana, and another would say, “Now, what did you go and do that for?”

And the guy with the banana would say, “Well, the bloke just doesn’t understand all the work that we teachers do!” Everyone would nod in agreement, saying, “Yes, yes, I suppose he’s got some logic there.”

And the meeting would continue. And the meeting would be about the attendance policy.

The audience would laugh uproariously, because these crazy actors are completely deadpan about their delivery. As if everyone was taking the entire thing seriously.

Because killer rabbits are just as dead serious as finding a way to keep kids from skipping class.


Robbie said...

You are so dang funny! But it's not funny that those people actually do sound like that!

Just a couple more weeks of this season's show. Then you won't be joining the cast again till next year!!! So exciting.

word verification is "pomical". Ha! Rhymes with comical!

The Crash Test Dummy said...


That is soooo darn true.

You must be a true artist because I'm a true artist and I have that out-of-body experience constantly. Life is just a big sitcom, you know.

Either that, or we're all on The Truman Show.