Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Class Jack…. (son)


The whole time we were watching the latest episode of Modern Family I was cringing. It was all about the unfulfilled birthday expectations.

I’m a jerk! I KNOW! I’ve pondered it for over 22 minutes already!!! STOP HASSLING ME!!!!!

Luckily I don’t think this is the thing that will lead to our divorce. He’s not totally hung up on presents. Jake has a lot of qualities that I didn’t know were quite so important until after I married him. Marriage-saving qualities… Like:

1. He really does know how to do the laundry. Because I don’t.

2. He keeps dogs away when they want to jump up in my face. Since we hike a lot and everyone in Hawaii owns pit bulls, Dobermans, or Pitmans, this has come in pretty handy for not getting my face eaten off. This is also handy when we run into very scary mokes in Chinatown. Or when I consider the possibility of an apocalyptic society. Not too many guys I’ve met can reach that standard.

3. He can stay awake while driving. Because I can’t.

4. He doesn’t hassle me too much about spending money because he never checks the credit card bills or the bank statements.

5. He believes in eating well, and he totally gets my tastes in food and restaurants. I would die if I had a taste-bud-less husband.

6. He’s probably the only thing keeping my brain above a 9th grade level of thinking. He reads actual literature, seeks out new and interesting music, only watches movies that could be called “films”, and discusses art with me. Otherwise I would probably atrophy into a YA fiction, radio junk, chick flick waste of a person. But we can still watch Modern Family, because it’s hilarious.


He married me. That certainly ranks up there with “things I didn’t know mattered until I was married.” Who else would have done that?


Smiths said...

You're definitely not a jerk. You're a person that understands that a gift given out of obligation is worse than a gift not given. You and Jake are the best, even though I feel like the 9th grader you were refering to after spending time with you guys. Oh well.

Sandi said...

Sounds like you've got a winner. I am madly in love with Modern Family- it makes me laugh like no other!

Unknown said...

I'm a horrible gift giver and a total unfulfiller of birthday expectations. My poor husband! I kinda want to watch that episode now...and I feel immature now... :P

(the word verifier word is acola. Just wanted to share!)

Mariko said...

Jill, you are so above and beyond 9th grader level. For example, do you draw nazi symbols for fun on people's notebooks?
I highly advocate Modern Family. Strangely enough, the guy from Married with Children has actually made a very pro-family show. And I would call it wholesome, but some people may disagree.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I want to start watching that show.

Happy birthday Jake I am so glad you married Mariko and SO SO SI glad you're Christian's friend-practically-brother.

I have a silly present to send you.

ephraim said...

I've never even heard of that show! Happy birthday, Jake.

Melinda said...

ephraim could've left a much better comment. but happy birthday jake. we were talking last night about this, how enriching it is to discuss things with your spouse. it's really a huge gift. glad you have each other.
and we're pretty stinky about birthdays and gifts, too. i always say i'd rather have a good husband all year than a big present once a year.

Melinda said...

btw, if i were facing a doberman, i'd definitely want jake there.
and nice photos, mariko!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Aw, sweetest post ever. And sweetest pics ever. You so cute, girl. LY!

And MY!!!!!!!!!! (Miss you!)

Hey, your verifier says bednest.

That's weird.