Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Do you have a minute?

Do you have a minute?

Let me tell you, if I had a minute, I can think of about 10 other ways I’d rather spend this minute than fix whatever you did to your computer.

I could scream into the ether, for one. To let off some of the steam that has been rising in my brain since I got here.

For another, I could sit down and check off one thing on my own to do list.

I’d much rather touch base with the kids who are sitting around my desk, who you just stepped around to let me know what you needed help with, during my lunch break.

Oh, I could eat my lunch, rather than leave it in my thawed lunch sack, so I don’t get the shakes from low blood sugar, like I do most days I don’t have time to eat.

But here, let me look at your computer, because you’re standing here and I have zero backbone.

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