Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life Refrain

Sometimes I imagine now, as “used to have been”, to

decide what I would miss most

I am currently reminiscing the buzz of carpenter bees

that seem to impossibly vibrate space

around lilikoi vines that choke

our rusted fence (the voice of its hinges like my children’s).


The dialogue of razor scooters and skateboard wheels in the street

and trucks that run on diesel songs,

--the ocean’s textured tongue pressing in the background--

All of it staying with us, a daily conversation in our living room.


I think, wouldn’t I miss this

mumbly breeze through our louvres that only close

when we’re gone

these silent panes of glass, shut, between outside and in

then (the future and past the same distance from me, here) and now

Would be final.

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