Thursday, March 22, 2012


When I realize that my books are past due, I say,
"Oh, whatever. I'm just donating my money to the library."

When I have to pay a fee to buy my movie tickets on-line, I say,
"Cool, I don't mind paying for convenience."

When I have to pay more at Tamura's for bananas, I say,
"No problem. I want to help the local businesses."

When I get charged huge amounts for some specialty product, I say,
"Yeah. I am totally supporting the economy."

When my groupon expires before I use it I say,
"Well, I would've paid that price anyway."

This is probably why I never am mad about paying taxes,

why I never clip coupons,

why I would never eat anything disgusting on tv for money,

why I will never be rich.


FootPrints said...

Hopefully now that you bought a home you'll be able to get some money back in your taxes! It helps us!

shar said...

This reminded me of a friend who is rich, she is sooo frugal that she used her dying father as an excuse not to pay for her late books. They actually let her go.  She recycles presents openly . One year I got ear plugs for a present. She goes to the swap meet for clothes and doesnt hesitate to take handouts. For my birthday, I had a 1/2 price ($8)