Thursday, March 24, 2011


Moze started scooting last Sunday. He has been a totally straight-up textbook baby. Everything people tell me about babies has applied to him. That was never the case with Amaya, so it’s been a strange experience.


He yells a lot. Mostly because he just wants to tell us and the neighbors that he’s here.

Even though they’ve been different, except for the colors, they look like twins. IMG_4638IMGP0150IMG_4658IMG_4661IMGP0152IMG_4641IMGP0137

(Amaya was such a chunk on an exclusive diet of mum mums and mommy milk. Love that.)

One thing’s for sure. I’ve got another social butterfly on my hands. Mozely’s smile just splits the moment anyone looks at him. He’s always flashing those dimples to everyone. He bounces up and down with excitement when someone approaches to pick him up. He makes us all feel special. He even gives me hugs.

Totally, straight up, textbook perfect baby. We’re only waking up 5 times a night to feed these days.

So I’m a textbook crazy tired mother. Good thing he’s such a cutie.


Damaris said...

I was going to ask you yesterday to put a video of him up when you told me he was scooting. I'm glad I didn't even have to ask. I have to see you before we move to Brazil. How can we possibly make that happen?

I bet if you had a sharpie in your hand he would of totally started walking. Maria almost gave me a heart attack today when I saw her running around with black sharpie without the cap on. Seriously dangerous.

Mariko said...

I still get adrenaline running through my veins when Amaya has a pen in her
hands. Did you know dry erase marker is as bad as a sharpie to clothes? She
just moves her hands wildly.
I know, I want to see you before you go to Brazil. When are you going? Maybe
I'll have to come to the mainland while Jake is in Samoa.

Damaris said...

yes yes yes! come to the mainland while Jake is in Samoa. he goes in July
right? You should come to the Family reunion or we can travel together. My
plan is to get some one to sponsor a road trip where we eat our way through
the US. The plan is to get a sponsor who will let us a use a minivan and pay
for gas and lodging (doable right?) You ca come with the kids. It will be
awesome having 3 adults and 4 kids in the car, not stressful at all!

Christine Sebastian Ng said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Once they turn teenagers, I would be worried if I were you. Can you imagine how many boys/girls you have to protect them from? haha.

Amaya sounds so very much like my firstborn.

Mariko said...

I'm hoping a little for teenage acne. It will be so much easier that way. If
they're anything like their mother they'll have braces and glasses anyway.
You have a spirited firstborn too? :)

Jill said...

I love it! He's so rad, and you nailed it- he makes us all feel special with those bright eyes and smiles. Way to go little man!

ashley moffat said...

he really is so cute! it was fun to see him friday.
it's so funny how amaya looks so much like herself even as such a wee little one. it's got to be the eyes.

Robbie said...

Aw, what a sweetheart! Go, Mozely, go! Growing up so fast and learning so much! Glad you finally did give him the pen after all that tempting him with it. :) And then Amaya took it away! Ha! But she was just being the protective older sister, I'm sure, like how she was always trying to keep Kadin safe.
Kadin is now in a toddler bed. Had only one night in it so far and no falling out--yay! But he did wake up ready for the day at 4:45 am! Yuck. I think it was because of the previous day's almost 4 hours nap. Hope Mozely starts waking up less at night. It's so hard! You sound great, though. Miss you guys, as always.

Milly said...

super cute

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