Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr. Personality.

Moze woke me up early. He likes to get up early, just because, and very insistently yell (not cry, yell. He knows the difference.) for me to get up, talk a little, and then go back to sleep 20 minutes later as to assure that I am wide awake and won’t go back to sleep.

In his defense he has been sleeping pretty well up until 2 nights ago. He would always take 2 long naps (and a couple short ones) during the day and sleep for about 6-7 hour stretch at night (of course, I am awake for most of it, but whatever). Then I made the mistake of telling Damaris that nursing is going well, and then my milk supply dried up overnight. Literally. Now he’s hungry and it hurts and we have to wake up every two hours. Or less. Still investigating the cause of this, since I passed my test already, and the dreaded punctuation mark is not showing up.

He likes it when we watch him sleep.

He is sensitive about his poop. He hates sitting in poop. And he lets me know the second it is invited to his diaper party.

He smiles when you talk to him, and he laughs if you can get him in the right mood. His voice is so cheery and sweet.

He doesn’t freak out when we put him in the ocean. He looks annoyed, but doesn’t hate it.

He’s a lot like his sister. And a lot different. Mostly different. But mostly a lot like her, too.

Especially when you see this:IMGP0284IMGP0048 IMGP0056 IMGP0061 IMGP0330

and then see Moze:

This must be what our offspring look like. I guess I’m okay with it.

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