Friday, November 6, 2009

A Little More than 3

(This picture showed the remnants of halloween week "paint face" as Amaya calls it)
Amaya's hand went through a growth spurt. One day I'm holding onto a hand that fits almost entirely within my grasp, and yesterday I notice that her fingers actually wrap around to the back of my hand. It feels way more like hand holding than before. Before it was like baby dragging. I think she likes holding hands better now, too.

The other night we were in our house and I could hear distant sounds of a show being watched at Pam's. I couldn't tell what it was and was just ignoring it. She perked up her little ears and said, "I think they're watching Colbert."

She was right.

This morning when I dropped her at pre-school (YES! I know it's a furlough day, and I feel entirely guilty, but I do have tons of work to do and I plan on picking her up early, and yes, I know I'm blogging right now but I'm going to stop the second I'm done with this...) she had me lean down and said, "Mom? Can you give me a favor?" I said, "A favor? Do you know what a favor is?"

She said, "Yes. Can you give me a favor? I want a goody when I get home after pre-school."

I think her skills at workin' it are only getting better.


ashley said...

before i forget to ask- what pre-school is she going to and do you like it? i think velz needs to go when we get back there-in 5 weeks!?!) and need to start making some calls.

also, your awesome for no sugar on haloween! i think i need to take the plunge and join you in the no sugar, i am off candy, but there is so much sugar in everything and i need to quit!

Unknown said...

she is so cute! and funny!

Natalia said...

So... I was reading about the benefits of bee pollen and read that it has been shown to increase fertility. Lol. Then, I saw your blog title, "A Little More Than 3" and thought the post was about number of members in your family. Makes sense, right? (Never mind the fact that I really can't imagine you announcing it on your blog like that) I was so excited!!! Hahaha.... Her workin it skills are pretty awesome though. :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee hee. HOW adorable. You are on your way to raising a perfect YW (with an A) too.

And how come you're so bad attitude?

But I hear ya, sistah!

YWP or not I'm coming home next summer. And I can't wait to sit across the table from you and Co and Pam and say "It's all greek to me!"

Guess what I was just reading 5 minutes ago? Julie and Julia. I never finished it so I thought I would. I like it a little better now that I'm a desperate housewife in Utah. Go figure!

Is every Friday a furlough day now?

Tatum just made the basketball team. And Va is on the team too. Do you remember Va?