Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2 and 7/8ths year old senses

Taste: Mama! This is Yogurt Flavor! (upon tasting a pina colada popsicle)

Smell: Mmmm. Lemon. (upon smelling a plumeria)

Hear: Me: "Amaya, while I'm in the shower, do NOT run outside."

Amaya: Looking around.

Me: "Amaya, did you hear me? What did I say?"

Amaya: "Ummmmm. You said because I was naughty."

Me: "Noooooo, I said, don't run outside while I'm in the shower."

Amaya starting to walk away.
Me: "Amaya, WHAT did I say?" I grab her and make her look at me in the eyes.
Amaya: "Um, you said.... Mommy, what did you say?"

Me: "I said, 'Don't go outside while I'm in the shower. Don't go outside. Don't go outside."
Amaya: "Oh."

Me: "What did I say?"

Amaya: Long pause. "I don't know."

Me, thinking I need to take a different approach, "Amaya, you can't go outside because I am in the shower and I'm afraid you will run away. I can't chase you while I'm in the shower. Don't go outside."

Amaya: Silence

Me: "Ok, Amaya. What did I say?"

Amaya: "Ok."

Me: "NO, what did I say?"

Needless to say, this went on for several more interchanges, at which point I figured that she must know, just not telling me. So I took a shower. Guess who had to go out in her towel to find out if her daughter had been kidnapped?

And yes, she can open locked doors.

Me: "Amaya, what color is this?"

Amaya: "Um, G."

Me: "Well, this is a G right here." pointing at a G. "What color is it?"

Amaya, pointing to the G: "G!" Then points to another 'G'.

Me: "Ok, good job. This is a G." switching cards, "Amaya, what color is this circle?"

Amaya: "Red."

Me: "No. This is blue. What color is this circle?" (pointing to the same circle)

Amaya: "Green."

Me: "No. This is blue. Ok, what color is this square?"

Amaya: "Red."

Me: "No, it's green." Switching cards back to the first one. "Amaya, can you point to the G?"

Amaya: "Blue" she says while pointing to the 'O' which is orange.

Me: "Ok, not the color. I want you to point to the 'G'. Remember? Where is it?"

Amaya: "Right here."
It's an L.

Anyone who doesn't have kids doesn't realize how much physical affection you get from them. It's probably the best thing about having a kid. You think you get enough from your other relationships, but you don't. Amaya gives long hugs and cuddles. There's nothing like having a toddler.
I will be so sad when she's a big kid who doesn't need that anymore. I guess I will never be a big kid.


Kristina P. said...

She sounds adorable! Hope she gets the colors down soon!

Unknown said...

Can't wait for Aaron to learn his colors! She's cute but it sure sounds frustrating! haha!! Uh..when do you wanna hang out? I'm not teaching summer school...but I am subbing for 4 days next me! or text..whatever

Patria said...

it's all so endearing. i love all of those scenarios. i don't know if i'm making the best decision, but i never correct ruby and atticus when they slaughter a word and create their own grammar. i just can't do's too cute. so ruby always uses double "ed" on the back of past tense "lookeded" or yelleded or playeded. she says it so cutely that I can't correct it won't go on that much longer. I love Amaya's smarty pants exchanges with you. all of those were priceless.

(i'm up late painting cabinets, or rather, watching mark paint cabinets and i needed a break, glad i came here).

Sylvia Louise said...

I can relate to Amaya. I get my colors confused all the time. Really. It's a huge problem while playing card games that include color-coded matching.

I've been typing up exercises from a P90X workout book for one of the professors. I think I understand better the pain you go through.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha HOW CUTE!

You'll be so happy that you wrote all this down! Write EVERYTHING DOWN! Every every everything.

I love the photo. I wish I had been driving by when you were running around in a towel after her.

ha ha ha hah