Friday, March 14, 2008

Food Tag

I have tagged myself-- Thanks Damaris. This was a very interesting post to read. I enjoy thinking about food, so it's pretty much perfect for me.

If you could be eating something right now what would it be?
Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Deb, my goddess, swears that it is amazing, and I believe her. If I had to pick something savory--- it would be gyudon that was sliced perfectly thin. I think I would also add to that list bi bim bap, although I eat that pretty often. Make that bi bim bap from Toraji's in the stone bowl and I'd be in heaven.

Table manners. What table manners can and can not be broken?
Table manners? I say, put those elbows on the table. The thing that cannot be broken-- well, I can't say it's table manners, but it's kitchen manners. I cannot stand seeing the handling of my food alongside the handling of animals or copious amounts of saliva. Yes, I've had to endure that. I remember specifically eating bologna that had been handled in this way, and another time eating tuna sandwiches in a similar environment. I also dislike eating food at a person's house when there is dog permeating the house in every way. Most people keep their dogs pretty clean, and I'm definitely not against dogs in the same areas as food, but sometimes you'll get an older person who just basically lives in fur, and their dishes and silverware (and oh! the glasses!) smell like animal. Finally, I cannot stand using toilet paper as a napkin.

Longest time you've ever spent making a meal and what was it?
Truthfully, I can't remember, because I've probably repeated "the longest time" many times. I remember cooking for hours on Thanksgivings, birthdays, special party dinners, or guest dinners-- I enjoy cooking, so it doesn't seem like a long time. The biggest meal I remember recently was probably on New Year's Eve. I promised Adam a Japanese dinner: miso soup with flower carrots; burdock, lotus root, and carrot tempura alongside grated daikon and homemade tempura sauce; gyudon w/onions; soba with several fresh toppings... I tried to make it a traditional dinner. I had lots of help, though. I've never made a meal in steps that started ahead of time. I much prefer cooking all at once. I don't mind eating very late at night.

Most money you've ever spend on a meal and was it worth it?
I've been to many fancy dinners with my parents, and that's always worth it because they pay. :) Probably the most expensive dinner Jake and I have been to was at Roy's. I didn't love the meal, but we had an amazing appetizer: butterfish with avocado wasabi and strawberry sauce. That was delicious. And of course, the souffle cake made the meal seem worth it. We may have spent almost as much at an Indian restaurant once, but that was because we ordered so much food. I couldn't stop myself.

what is the most uncoventional thing you've ever tasted?
Horse sushi. Supposedly it is a good substitute for raw tuna. I disagree. Bekah made feijoada with pigs feet once, and I considered it unconventional, but I believe that many people would disagree with me. I've also eaten alligator, emu, and snake.

What would you NEVER put in your mouth?
I dislike the idea of organs. I have eaten liver and tongue, but I will perservere to avoid such foods in the future. From what I understand, that is what separates me from a gourmand. So be it. I will never eat intestines, stomach, or lung, if I can help it. I often wonder what I would have done if I had been a missionary in a South American country.

When you walk into the supermarket you always want to buy ______ but you never do because ______.
Haagen Dazs bars. I never do because they seem so expensive, and I can't justify it in comparison to how much a whole pint costs. I also always wonder if I'm building up how delicious they are.
I also have found myself looking at veal. I never buy it because I have no idea how to cook it.

If you are what you eat what are you?

If you had to eat the same thing everyday what would it be?
Acai bowl with granola, bananas, and honey on top.

you haven't lived if you haven't tried this: (share a recipe)
Mighty’s Bi Bim Bap
Makes 2
This is my current obsession. I was wanting to eat out a lot so that I could get this dish. It’s Korean, so I can’t really claim it, but this is what I realized I could make on hand at my house. I went to the Korean market to get the kolchugang sauce, but I think it can be found pretty easily. And if you don't like hot sauce anyway, you don't need it. I think it adds good flavor, though.

½ lb Teriyaki sliced beef (or other thin-sliced meat--sukiyaki or shabu shabu style)
½ C Bulgogi marinade
OR-- if none is available--
Soy sauce, sugar, apple/pear/or other sweet fruit juice, sesame oil, garlic
1 carrot cut into matchsticks
½ zucchini cut into matchsticks
Sesame oil
Sesame seeds
½ cucumber cut into matchsticks
2 eggs
Kolchugang sauce to taste (Korean red hot sauce--this is optional, but gives it a good texture and flavor)
Hot white rice

1. Marinate meat for about 1-2 hours beforehand
2. Cut meat up into small pieces and fry in a pan quickly (so that the meat cooks fast without losing a lot of water).
3. Saute carrot and zucchini in a little sesame oil-- add sesame seeds during the last minute. Season with a little salt. Cook until just barely done.
4. Fry eggs, leave yolks uncooked.
5. Put rice in bowls for serving
6. Arrange carrot/zucchini/sesame seed mix on 1/3 of the top, 1/3 beef pieces, 1/3 cucumber. Place egg on top. Put desired amount of hot sauce and stir the whole mixture together before eating.
*You can also put in some cooked, chopped up spinach or other vegetables.
*if you have Korean seaweed, cut into strips and add on top

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You've had an interesting food life. A big reason why I love you!