Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Humor Us

When we were passing by Angel's Ice Cream today, I said to Jake, "You could go get pake cake, if you want." I have some sort of obsession with making sure that my husband has sufficient treats at all times.
Jake said, "No thank you, I think I have enough caloric intake."
"I think it should be pronounced cal-or-ic."
"How 'bout 'cal-or-iffic.'"
"Or 'cal-or-tast-ic.'"
"Cal-or-ageous." He paused here. "But that would be like if you were eating slugs and bugs and stuff. That would be calorageous." Pause again. "Or calorazy."
Jake says I don't laugh enough at his jokes. But I do think he's pretty funny, bad jokes and all.
Later he made Amaya go into fits of giggles (real belly laughers) by making a sucking noise and then moving towards her in an intense fashion. I think it would have made other kids cry, but she's definitely a Jackson humor fan. She danced her legs up and down real quick and squealed with all her teeth showing. Since Amaya laughs at all of Jake's jokes, he probably doesn't need me around as much.


sienna said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. Such a cute picture. Yeah, you heard Tony complain that I don't laugh at his jokes any more. Although, I do still think he is funny and love when we hang out with new people who haven't heard his jokes before. It totally validates him to have someone laugh, even if only a sympathy laugh.

Mariko said...

I actually think Jake is funnier when we hang out with other people. It's either really funny or slightly embarassing, of course. :)

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Amaya is CUTE. I miss her belly laughs

Melinda said...

we definitely appreciate jake's humor. calorazy is now a household word. i know ephraim wishes he could be closer to both jake and israel to laugh at their silliness. ephraim's a good laugher.

cailin said...

Iz has the same complaint. I just tell him it ensures he hones his skills. Wouldn't want him to keep reusing bits now would we.

Smiths said...

i can totally hear jake while reading this. thanks. can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks